How to rule at Clash of Clans on iPhone, iPad, and Android - Tips, Tricks, and Cheats New Unlimited

Ever wanted to be a Viking ruler, taking charge our a tiny village and helping it expand, survive and thrive? Well, Clash of Clans is the place to fulfil that very specific fantasy.You'll be tasked with fighting off hordes of goblins, battling with other players who get in your way, and trying to see as much of the game as possible while spending as little money as you can get away with.

That's where we come in, we're here to guide you through your first days playing Clash of Clans. We'll teach you how to play, how to get the most from the game, and the most effective ways to save your own hard earned money while still enjoying everything the game has to offer. Everything you do in Clash of Clans uses up one of three coloured bars at the top right of your screen; either gold, elixir, gems, or a combination of those.

Gold is used to pay for your buildings, buy new defensive structures like cannons or turrets, and for upgrading your buildings.Elixir is similar in that it's used up when make or upgrading buildings, but it differs from gold in that rather than being used for defensive structures, it's instead used when creating more troops to send out into battle.

Gems - the game's premium currency - are used to speed up anything you're trying to make, be it building a new gold reserve or training a new set of troops for battle. You can also trade gems for more gold or elixir.

You'll also find a builder meter at the top of the screen, which shows how many builders you have available to make structures for you. You can construct things faster with more builders, but you can only get more of these workers by using gems.I'd recommend using your free gems on these as they stick around and offer long term benefits, rather than the instant gain of skipping a waiting period. Don't even use the gems Supercell tells you to use in the tutorial - just wait and save them for builder huts.

There are several different types of structure you can build in Clash of Clans Hack Trick Cheat New Unlimited, which all serve very different purposes. The main types of building you can have are resource collectors, resource storage, army structures, and defensive structures.Resource collectors do what the name suggests and automatically collect gold and elixir for you. You need to tap them to collect those materials once they're full.

Resource storage buildings are needed to store larger amounts of your resources. While not an issue early in the game, these will become important when trying to build structures that cost more than you can carry.Army structures are all about creating and improving the troops you send into battle. They're the buildings used to create more warriors, train them in specific roles and improve their effectiveness in combat. These are primarily used when going out into the world to attack other villages.

Defensive structures are important for defending your own village from attack. These are static structures you build and put in place to try and defend as much of your village as possible. It's recommended that you keep your village nice and tightly packed so that it's easier to protect the whole village with as few defensive structures as possible.There are also a couple of other things to be aware of when it comes to your various structures. The amount of space you have to build in is limited by things like trees and rocks that you'll need to use resources to get rid of. Plus, buildings can be made faster and more effective by upgrading them.

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